Why use us?

Our approach is different - here's why we deliver excellence:


Access to the hidden talent pool - we give you access to the best individuals in the industry who are very often not job seekers - we gain access to people who not actively looking but are open to discuss a unique and challenging opportunity.


Industry Specialist - by focussing solely in the Building & Construction contracting market we benefit from an unrivalled network of contacts giving you access to the 'cream' of senior talent in the industry.


Search Methodology - we specialise in 'difficult to fill' and senior positions where finding someone who can 'do the job' simply isn't good enough. We identify the top talent appropriate to your position and your organisation.


Time saved - We spend longer on the initial brief than traditional recruiters to gain a thorough understanding of your organisation, its culture and its aspirations and how we can complement your organisation by identifying the top 10% of talent and their positive impact on your business. This time spent up front saves considerable time for you and your organisation, we don't waste your time by presenting unsuitable candidates; we don't waste your time by having unprepared or ill informed individuals attending interview and ultimately we don't waste your time by making the worst mistake of all - the wrong hire!


Discretion & Confidentiality - we understand the discretion and confidentially are of great importance when approaching a strategic hire for your business which is why we act with tact and subtlety to ensure that your business is always represented in a professional and confidential manner.


Professionalism - we pride ourselves on briefing our clients and candidates thorough to maximise outcomes for all parties.


Integrity - we respect our clients and candidates and are committed to a transport ethical process.


Service Charter - we take our reputation seriously which is why have created a service charter that we adhere to in all our dealings with clients and candidates.

Ultimately, our approach saves any discerning company and decision maker the two most important things - time and money.

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